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Authentication failure on method getActiveChannels in Posting services with PHP

    • Care-UK
    • Topic created 4 years ago

    Hi I've managed to call the Posting service successfully using my PHP class, I can even list the SOAP methods using the native soapClient __getFunctions() option. But when I try to call getActiveChannels() I get a SOAP fault: authentication failure.

    Does getActiveChannels require arguments, and if so how are the arguments constructed?

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  1. Chandra Sheshan4 years ago

    Hello, Authentication failure errors only occurs if the Credentials provided are not valid.These credentials will be the same used on the other method you mentioned. Although there might be additional Roles and rights required to access all channels.

    I would suggest you raise this via SalesForce or through Lumesse account manager/professional services member who would be currently assigned to assist you. Please note that in order to analyse the issue we might require your credentials; which can be provided in SalesForce. Please do not post or provide any credentials on this site.

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