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Filter and Page Question

  1. Hello,

    Please could someone advise, ideally with an example of how the filter is utilised in methods such as "getApplications" and also how we are able to obtain the total page count as blindly making calls until a response is not received will ultimately result in making calls unnecessarily and using up quota. I don't like the idea of the latter when there could be 100's of pages and I simply want the last each time.

    Thank you.

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  2. RemployAffinity4 years ago

    If there is some more detailed (and up to date) documentation on using parameters which are not simply Ids or LOV style referencing it would be very helpful as the documentation section seems out of date and not particularly helpful when trying to determine what the different method parameters can accept as values.

    Thank you.

  3. Chandra Sheshan4 years ago


    There is the method "getApplications" supported within the Candidate web service but not documented. Please provide the criteria in simple words that you were planning to apply. I will get the rest completed and send in the format for the filter.

    Regards Chandra

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