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Position API - 504 Gateway Timeout

  1. Hello,

    I'm finding that when trying to obtain the Positions (getPositions) using SOAP I am getting Gateway Timeout. This occurs with and without a proxy (all of that side of things has been checked). I suspect this is due to the volume of data.

    Has anyone else come across this and overcome it? I get the same when using ASync too so I am now stumped.

    Thanks Dan.

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  2. Tim Meinen4 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    I able to reproduce your issue on a different environment with a huge amount of organisations/positions.

    Have you tried using getPositions including orgId and status filters? I would expect that this may help to reduce the volume of data.



  3. RemployAffinity4 years ago

    Hello Tim,

    So far I have been trying to use just the Status filter as I have over 19,000 entries on the org structure that I would need to cycle through daily. This number is set to rise to at least double that over the next few years (potentially higher too).

    I had hoped an async call would get around the issue, but I think the server is taking too long to create the response.

    Regards Dan

  4. Chandra Sheshan4 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    yes, it is indeed due to the amount of data coming back. we will discuss this over a meeting to overcome the issues shortly.

    Regards Chandra

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