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Search Agent request error

  1. I am trying to create searchAgent request and I get fault response

    <faultcode>env:Client</faultcode> <faultstring>org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The prefix "soapenv" for attribute "soapenv:mustUnderstand" associated with an element type "wsse:Security" is not bound.</faultstring>

    here is the part of code where I try to create Security node

    //create Security node SOAPElement soapHeaderElemSecurity = soapHeader.addChildElement("Security", "wsse"); soapHeaderElemSecurity.setAttribute("xmlns:wsu", ""); soapHeaderElemSecurity.setAttribute("xmlns:wsse", ""); //soapHeaderElemSecurity.setAttribute("soapenv:mustUnderstand", "1"); soapHeaderElemSecurity.setAttribute("soapenv:mustUnderstand", "true");

    First I tried to seAttribute with value "1", then I've googled a bit and found this other way with attribute value set to true, but I still get the same error...

    If I remove this line, in response I get exactly the same XML that was send in request, so this is not what I want to get in response....

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  2. Chandra Sheshan4 years ago

    Hi, WS Security is standard and you do not need to manually change the namespace nor set any attributes. All you need to set is the username token details.

    What technology are you using to write the interface?

  3. Brueder Schlau4 years ago

    Thanks for answer, technology is Java, I removed setter for mustUnderstand and it works then, but in all examples you are setting this parameter, what's a little bit confusing then.

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