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security changes to talenthub -> PHP Soap

  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to do the necessary changes in order to get our vacancy synchronisation to work after January 1st. We're currently using SOAP calls over PHP (Drupal). I read the documentation where is stated that the only change for SOAP call would be the url, but when I try that, I'm getting the following error when calling getPostedAdvertsIdsFromRange (the parameters are correct, since everything works perfect with the old API):

    Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [VersionMismatch] Wrong Version in tsvacancies.module:376

    In order to get the old API to work, I was connecting to: (watch for the addition for "?wsdl" in order for it to work.

    so with the new url I tried all of the following url's: But they all lead to the same error.

    I also tried addig the api_key as one of the parameters when performing a call (getPostedAdvertsIdsFromRange), but once again, the same error was thrown.

    I looked into the available source code on this platform but for PHP could only find one using the REST principle and we're using SOAP. Do you have any guidelines as of how to use the new API with PHP over SOAP?

    Kind regards, Kristof.

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  2. Guy7 years ago


    If you can currently call the emea2 URL, then you should be able to call the api2 URL with exactly the same request and response.

    The only possible difference is that the new URL can sometimes return a timeout error. Is it possible that your code is not handling any errors returned ?

    I have added some example PHP code to the "Getting Started" section in the documentation that shows how to build a call to a SOAP service.


  3. Euroclear7 years ago

    Hi Guy,

    Thank you for your reply. Our approach was a little but different, but I tried adapting our code to the one you supplied on the "getting started". However, this method requires function allow_url_fopen to be enabeld on our server. I requested this with our hosting agency and will keep you posted.

    BR, Kristof;

  4. Guy7 years ago


    The code you use to connect to the emea2 URL should still work anyway.

    Are you able to provide the code you currently use so I can check if there any errors ?


  5. Guy7 years ago


    The PHP/SOAP code samples have been updated. There was an issue with the way that PHP handles a different URL for the WSDL and for the calls themselves. You should now be able to use the code on the "Getting Started" page.


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