TalentPortal Overview


This bundle provides API functionality for customers to power their Careers website functionality for candidates. The TalentPortal, also known as the Candidate Homepage provides the ability for the candidate to login to a secure webpage and see details of their previous or saved applications.

Service Description
RAC - Talent Saved Application

Methods for applications in process, started but not submitted for the Responsive Application Component.

TalentPortal Account Basic operations for TalentPortal account set-up and management
Talent Applications

Actions related to submitted applications.

Talent Saved Applications (Old Applications Form)

Methods for applications in process, started but not submitted.

Talent Documents Actions on documents that where uploaded or created for applications.
TalentPortal Configuration

Configuration of TalentPortal

Typical workflow


Use Case

The Talent Portal API is used by candidates to set up a Candidate Home page.

Pre-condition - The Talent Portal and Search Agent must be activated for the site in order to use the service.


  1. START. The Candidate must provide an email address if one does not already exist.
  2. In order for the candidate to access the Talent Portal page, the web service TalentPortalAccount, method createTalentPortal will be used, this will return a unique activation code in order to activate the candidate. Password complexity requirements can be checked with TalentPortalConfiguration using method list password rules.
  3. Activating a candidate is done using the TalentPortalAccount method activateTalentPortal the parameters required are the login previous created and the activation code which is returned from the createTalentPortal.
  4. Once created Talent Portal webservice TalentApplications can be used to mange submitted applications.
  5. Depending on the application form used.
    • Old application form: TalentSavedApplications allows to get list and removes partialy done applications. See below how to access application process in order to resume application.
    • Responsive application form: Saved Applications REST allows to get list of applications saved in Responsive Application Component
  6. Beside application management,  TalentPortalAccount offers ability to change password and more.
  7. If require to update candidate profile or download remove documents such methods can be found in TalentDocuments.

    Access application process from TalentPortal as logged candidate

    Old application form

    In order to open application process in context of logged candidate there was created special gateway that has to be called. Flow:

    1. Get saved application ID (TalentSavedApplications, getList) or advert postingTarget ID.
    2. Generate temporary password - TalentPortalAccount, getTemporaryPassword
    3. Call gateway for application process passing temporary password and saved application ID or posting target ID
                 URL: [APPLICATIONPROCESS_PLATFORM_URL]/syndicated/chp_continue_application.cfm
                 POST parameters:
                        - ID - technical site ID
                        - sUserLogin - TalentPortal username
                        - sUserPassword - temporary password from getTemporaryPassword
                        - nSaveApplicationID - continue with application previously saved by candidate
                        - nPostingTargetID - start applying for a fresh (blank) application