RAC - Saved Applications

Talent Saved Applications - Responsive Application Component

Saved Applications REST Endpoint

There is a REST endpoint that returns list of applications saved in RAC (Responsive Application Component).

GET /apply-app/api/partial-applications


  • EMEA3 - https://emea3.recruitmentplatform.com
  • EMEA5 - https://emea5-foc.lumessetalentlink.com
  • APAC - https://apac.recruitmentplatform.com

Query Parameters:

  • configKey - REQUIRED - Apply Configuration Config Key that corresponding TechnicalID is assigned to
  • siteIdentifier - OPTIONAL - can be used to filter returned entities to include only those created in context of given TechnicalID (can be repeated to pass more than one TechnicalID value)
  • language - OPTIONAL - language of translatedAtsStatus in format with region(when needed) i.e. pl, de_CH. If absent, default language will be used.


When called without OPTIONAL parameters, returns saved applications created in context of all TechnicalIDs that are linked with Apply Configuration.

Sample results:
	"advertTitle": "Job Ad Title",
	"createdDate": "2017/03/23 09:19:29",
        "lastSavedDate": "2017/03/25 17:48:43",
	"applicationId": "PFCFK0200000006G79V7JO-34159::29c94596-69d2-42e0-a554-b8c313c24ce7",
        "jobId": "PM0FK026203F3VBLZ6G79V7QZ-35163",
        "jobNumber": "ABCSA00947",
                "atsStatus": "Published",
                "translatedAtsStatus": "Published"
	"links": [{
		"rel": "resume",
		"href": "https://emea3.recruitmentplatform.com/apply-app/pages/resume-partial-application?jobId=PFCFK0200000006G79V7JO-34159&langCode=en&resumeToken=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI...y0zNDE1OT"
		"rel": "delete",
		"href": "https://emea3.recruitmentplatform.com/apply-app/api/apply-configs/XXXXXXX-aaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeee/partial-applications/PFCFK0200000006G79V7JO-34159::29c94596-69d2-42e0-a554-b8c313c24ce7?accessToken=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9...CYOEKR8HcX94"

Detailed result description:

  • advertTitle - title of an advert that application belongs to
  • createdDate - date when an application was saved
  • lastSavedDate - date when an application was last saved
  • applicationId - ID that identifies saved application in RAC
  • jobId - ID that identifies given posting. It is built up from TECHNICALID-nPostingTargetId
  • jobNumber - Opening number this application was for
  • processStatus - status of the advertisement in ATS
    • atsStatus - posting status from ATS. Possible values: Published, Unposted, Expired
    • translatedAtsStatus - translated posting status from ATS
  • links - list of possible actions that might be performed on given saved application
    • rel == resume - then href indicates resume URL that candidate should be directed to.
      Note: URL send instant HTTP Redirection to the Apply URL page configured in Apply Configuration.
      Additional state parameter can be added to the resume URL (&state=someValue) to pass any additional information to the final Apply URL page - it might be used by External System to transfer any extra information between redirection.
    • rel == delete - then href indicated URL that might be used to make an HTTP DELETE request to remove saved application.
      Note: this URL is valid for 24 hours since it is returned from API