RAC Integration - REST

Lumesse - TalentPortal Overview

Integration with Responsive Application Component

Talent Portal Overview

This bundle provides API functionality for customers to power their Careers website functionality for candidates while using the Responsive Application Component. The TalentPortal, also known as the Candidate Homepage provides the ability for the candidate to login to a secure webpage and see details of their previous or saved applications.

The web services assume that all candidates MUST have an account prior to applying.

RAC Integration - REST

Overview of the Responsive Application Component integration.

RAC - Talent Saved Application

Methods for applications in process, started but not submitted for the Responsive Application Component.

TalentPortal Account Basic operations for TalentPortal account set-up and management.
Talent Applications

Actions related to submitted applications.

Talent Saved Applications (old Application Form)

Methods for applications in process, started but not submitted.

Talent Documents Actions on documents that where uploaded or created for applications.
TalentPortal Configuration

Configuration of TalentPortal.

Functional scenarios which this Talent Portal bundle handles:

  1. Candidate clicks on Apply or ‘create account’ on career site and creates an account. Candidate is now ‘logged in’.
  2. Candidate starts application form and saves part way through
  3. Candidate views list of saved applications, resumes application form and submits or deletes.
  4. Candidate views list of submitted applications, with option of
    • status of an application
    • download submitted documents
    • withdraw
  5. Candidate deletes all personal information

1. Candidate creates an account on the external system.

This will result in a CHP Account being created in TalentLink using createTalentPortal method, and subsequently activateTalentPortal method.

2. Starting application form as a logged in candidate

The web services assume that all candidates MUST have an account prior to applying.

  1. External system reads applicationUrl from corresponding AdvertisementDto (returned by FoAdvert web service)
  2. External system fetches candidate context token using Candidate Context Token REST endpoint
  3. External system directs candidate to applicationUrl page ensuring that it initializes Responsive Application Component with additional data-lumesse-candidate-identity attribute:
    <script type="text/javascript" src=".../apply-preloader-namespaced.js"
    Where value of a data-lumesse-candidate-identity is an HTML-encoded JSON containing the following two properties:
    • contextToken- token fetched as described above
    • email - email of a candidate
    Example of a pretty-formatted JSON is:

3. Logged in candidate accesses saved applications

  1. External system fetches candidate context token using Candidate Context Token REST endpoint
  2. External system fetches list of saved applications using Talent Saved Applications - RAC and :
    • to resume saved application directs candidate to resume URL returned in a result.
      Note: resume URL will redirect candidate to the application form that should be propertly initialized with data-lumesse-candidate-identity as described in this section
    • to delete saved application makes an HTTP DELETE request to the delete URL returned in a result

4. Candidate manages submitted applications

External system fetches list of submitted applications or deletes submitted application using Talent Applications web service

5. Candidate deletes account

External system deletes account using TalentPortal Account web service

Note: Candidates are archived in TalentLink using data retention rules, or if a candidate requests to delete their personal data. The external system should ensure accounts are synchronised, so that if an account is unavailable in TalentlInk, it is also unavailable on the external system.

Candidate Context Token REST endpoint

There is a REST endpoint that generates token used for further request to RAC API
GET /fo/rest/api/apply/candidate-context-token


  • EMEA3 - https://emea3.recruitmentplatform.com
  • EMEA5 - https://emea5-foc.lumessetalentlink.com
  • APAC - https://apac.recruitmentplatform.com


  • username - username in form of: TechnicalID:saif:FO
  • password - password like: Saif123!


Endpoint returns following JSON:
Sample results:
   "token": "UzjEggLWw...dAAB1re1gI5",
   "expiresIn": 172800
  • token - token value that may be used while calling RAC Saved Applications or starting application as logged candidate
  • expiresIn - number of seconds that generated token expires in - default value is 48 hours, but might change in the future