Background Checking

The Background Checking bundle provides access to the Queue and PreEmployment web services.

Work Flow

A typical work flow would be :

  • A recruiter moves a candidate to an application step that is linked to a background check.
  • The request is added to a “Queue”.
  • Optionally an alert is sent to the checking company.
  • The checking company calls the Queue web service to retrieve details of the request.
  • Checking company performs the check.
  • The checking company calls the Queue web service to remove the request from the queue.
  • Checking company sends results back either as a report or as a TalentLink defined form.





Method Description Parameters
getResultsTemplate Returns the results template structure which can then be used in conjunction with the submitResults method. System Name
submitReport Allows a background check provider to submit a physical file containing a report. requestId, binary representation of file.
submitResults Allows a background check provider to submit a structured document containing a results. requestId, structured document.
submitStatus Allows a background check provider to update the status of a candidate's assessment. requestId, enum of Status



More information on queues can be seen on the Queue page.

Method Description Parameters
getExternalSystemRequestFromQueue Returns details of the background check request. Queue Name
removeExternalSystemRequestFromQueue Removes the oldest background check request from the queue. Queue Name

The "getExternalSystemRequestFromQueue" method returns the following fields :

  • "additionalParameters": a list of pairs (key-value) containing details. Almost any TalentLink field associated with a candidate can be included in the additional parameters section.
  • "candId" -- internal (CSOD) ID of the candidate the request refers to,
  • "candidateStatus" -- current status of the candidate the request refers to,
  • "candidateType" -- type of the candidate this request refers to (e.g. External Candidate, Employee),
  • "externalClientId" -- Name (login) that identifies TalentLink as a client of this external system .
  • "externalServiceId" -- External ID that indentifies the current service in this external system.
  • "tlkRequestId" -- public ID (aka "Correlation ID") of the current request.

An example response from "getExternalSystemRequestFromQueue"

    <ns2:getExternalSystemRequestFromQueueResponse xmlns:ns2="">
    <candidateStatus value="New" />