Back Office

The Back Office bundle is for users who wish to build an integration between TalentLink and an external system where it is necessary to synchronise data for system users, role assignments, organization management, candidates, positions and configurable fields.

    • User (WSDL)

      The User Admin is for users who wish to maintain Users, Roles and Organizations. Within this Service you are able to create, update, delete, search for users, along with many other methods.

    • Roles (WSDL)

      The Role API is closely associated with the User API, and defines the roles assigned to users when they are created. Roles can be grouped together to create collections of roles, which can then be used to control which functions the user can perform.

    • Organization (WSDL)

      Within Organization webservices you are able structure the organization levels, update, delete and create along with other commonly used methods.

  • Candidates (WSDL)

    Retrieving Candidates, Creating Candidates and Updating Candidates.

  • Positions (WSDL)

    Positions Web service is used to managed TalentLink BackOffice positions

  • Configurable Fields (WSDL)

    Configurable fields in TalentLink (TLK) are categorized either as List of Values (LOVs), Free Form Fields or User Data.

  • Document (WSDL)

    This service can be used to retrieve structured documents and attachments related to Candidates, Postings

  • Timesheets & Contracts (WSDL)

    Talentlink's Timesheets & Contracts API provides methods for retrieving and updating TalentLink timesheet and contractor data.

  • Assessment Provider (WSDL)

    The Assessment Provider API provides access to the Queue and Assessment Provider web services.

  • Background Checking (WSDL)

    The Background Checking API provides access to the Queue and PreEmployment web services.

  • Queues (WSDL)

    Queues are collections of TalentLink elements that match a given criteria. For example, a queue might exist for candidates who are at a status of hired.